CREDAI Application


  • Creating a platform for developers/builders to work together and go towards improving the quality of development and construction related activities, by sharing efficiency ideas, and eventually work.
  • Represents the overall interests of builders by engaging in regular dialogue and representation with concerned authorities, on policy or regulation-related issues.
  • To disseminate data, statistics and other related real estate development information to its members.
  • Helping members for promoting their business.
  • Promoting the interest of members and to educate them on best practices.
  • To increase and take care of consumers/buyer’s interest.
  • Promoting CREDAI awareness events in public.

This can be done effectively with the use of Mobile Application, which we at Ordinet Solutions has developed. Objective behind creation of this Application is to provide best software solution for CREDAI Members and Home buyers/Consumers to establish meaningful communication and business relationship between them.

Application is categorised in two parts -


CREDAI Public Application


  • This platform provides one stop solution for relevant property search.
  • Users have a best opportunity to focused on their demands of relevant information.
  • It helps in establishing the smooth connections between members and home buyers.
  • Application is easy to handle and understand.

Feature List

  • Assign Filters Option
  • App provides best feature of assigning filters for relevant property search.

  • Property List
  • According to set filters all properties will be displayed one by one.

  • Property Detail & Developer Info
  • By clicking on property item all the details about property and developer will be shown.

  • Property Enquiry Option
  • Users have an option for sending an enquiry to the respective developer of project/property.

  • Option to shortlist your favourite property
  • Users have an option to shortlist their favourite properties.

  • Feedback Option
  • Users have an option to send feedback about our service.

  • CREDAI Events
  • All the public events organised by CREDAI will be shown one by one.

CREDAI User Application Screenshot 1
CREDAI User Application Screenshot 2
CREDAI User Application Screenshot 3
CREDAI User Application Screenshot 4
CREDAI User Application Screenshot 5
CREDAI User Application Screenshot 6

CREDAI Members Application


  • Member can connect directly with clients.
  • CREDAI members gets the opportunity to connect globally.
  • Easily handle all the information for clients by its own.
  • Application is easy to handle and understand.

Feature List

    CREDAI Member application is develop as a back-end application.

  • Login Option
  • By entering their unique username and password member can login in their account.

  • Home Page
  • Home page shows all the enquires about the member’s project.

  • Add Project Option
  • Members have an option to add, update and delete their projects.

  • Company Profile
  • Members have an option to update their personal info as well as company profile./property.

  • Help
  • If members have any problem with this application there is an option for their help.

  • CREDAI Events
  • Admin can add, update and delete CREDAI Events.

CREDAI Admin Application Screenshot 1
CREDAI Admin Application Screenshot 2
CREDAI Admin Application Screenshot 3
CREDAI Admin Application Screenshot 4
CREDAI Admin Application Screenshot 5
CREDAI Admin Application Screenshot 6

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.